Best decision of my life was to call Granville and join his program at Athletic Leaders. Like most moms, I put on weight after having my kids. Over the years, I tried many different approaches, appetite suppressive vitamins, the ab flex, and aerobic class. But with no results, they only left me frustrated and depressed. So I continued to pack on the weight. I knew that I needed to make a change, as I was starting to feel the side effects of the extra weight. I was even convinced that I had asthma. My doc put it best, eat right, exercise and quite smoking. So my journey began. I quit smoking. But the result was an additional 20lbs. I was tipping the scale at over 200lbs, a full size 16. At that time I started following Athletic Leaders on FB and was so impressed with the before/after pics. These were real people, not models on TV. So after months of hesitation, I made the call. Best call ever. First thing Granville said to me was “I don’t run my boot camp class like what you see on TV. I won’t yell in your face to motivate you. You follow at your own pass. But if you stick with it, you will get results”. Well, 3 years later, I have surpassed all my expectations. Reached all my goals and some. I originally wanted to reach a size 10. Today, I’m a size 6. I have NEVER been a size 6. But that is not the best part, it’s the way I feel. I’m stronger, have lots of energy and my confidence grew. I have a new zest for life. I will continue with Athletic Leaders and Kettlebell training as long as I can. This is more then a gym, it’s a family, it’s a life style. I love it! Oh ya!!!

Nancy has worked hard with us and she also has worked hard to get her nutrition right. She’s just weight. She’s gaining strength. She’s in it for the long haul. She’s doing chin-ups and pull-ups. She can deadlift 405 pounds. She presses 60 pound Kettlebells. It’s great that she understands how important it is to lift weights and to be strong.

My name is Joshua Findlay Also Known as Kamakacci Juice I am a Club promoter/Mc for many years now, In July before coming to the Athletic Leaders bootcamp I was weighing in at my heaviest weight of 220 pounds and was just under 40% body fat, at the time i was a very unhealthy person, and was not active at all, I enjoyed fast food, late night eating and was a heavy drinker with alcohol and a lot of beer roughly 4-5 days a week.

It wasn’t until I heard about the Athletic Leaders one night at a party by one of the trainers Alicia Beckford, who told me to come try out a class, I never thought nothing of it, so I decided to come out and give it a shot, From that day in July I never looked back, after a few classes I then immediately signed up and began my health journey with Granville & the team.

It was then that I started setting weekly goals for myself, coming to Granville, training hard, the results were slowly happening right before my eyes,I was very determined not to fail, I made an entire lifestyle change, with the support of Athletic Leaders and the strong team of men & women here i was encouraged by the right people to achieve my goals. I cleaned up my eating and gave up alcohol and week after week i was losing weight and dropping body fat %.

After 12 weeks of hard work and dedicated commitment to Athletic Leaders bootcamp I have now lost a total of 65 pounds and dropped down over 30% in body fat. I currently weigh 155 lbs and I am at 8% body fat, which I will be maintaining from here on!

I want to thank Granville and the entire Athletic Leaders team for all the support with helping me achieve my weight loss goals and Now its YOUR turn!

We are so proud of Kirk. Look at the difference. He’s committed to the program he’s committed to his nutrition and he’s in it to win it. Congrats Kirk.  Current weight 174lbs down 59lbs from 233lbs starting weight

63 pounds lost in 4 months. Just in time for his wedding. Congrats David